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You have the ring, you have your dress, you have your vows its time for your hair style and makeup. 

We will work together to create your unique look. Our assignment is to make you look and feel the best in your most important and special day .   

French twist, Updos, Playful mix, Roman Inspiration, Open Curls, Minimalist Glam, Twist Bands and much more …. 

Smokey eyes , cat eyes, no makeup makeup ,  Classy makeup, princess makeup, 40s,50s,60s,70s,80s makeup . We will match your makeup style specially for you!!! 

Prices and Service: 

The service is mobile, we will come to your location 

Special offer to group 

5+ 10% off 

7+ 15% off 

From the moment a proposal emerges, and that fearful yet heart pumping moment of love plunges your body and mind to a vivid nirvana of paralysis. A tear of joy, a kiss of mass proportions dissolving space and time itself. Keeping this moment forever and preparing for a celebration with a feast of  friends and loved ones is one of the most heart warming feeling, but can also be difficult to coordinate.

With our  mobile beauty services, you won’t have to worry about looking your best, the soothing and friendly voice of our hair and makeup professionals will detract any worries and allow you to get all the touch ups needed for our living masterpiece: The bride. Looking  your best is what we do, servicing your most beautiful memories and kissing away at the most comfortable makeup, most beautiful colors, ravishing hair and the freedom of an innovative bridal look